Tips & Tricks in Getting The Most Out Of Your Personalized Letter Boxes

Tips & Tricks in Getting The Most Out Of Your Personalized Letter Boxes


There are many options for a perfect celebration. What we specialize in is creating a personalized experience for you! We want you to stand out and be able to take your event to the next fully customized touch you deserve. We also care about making hosting a breeze for you and letting you get the most out of your Personalized Letter Boxes. To aid you in the process, we created this simple guide filled with tips and tricks to make sure you experience a successful and fun celebration you and your guests will always remember!


We are so excited you've ordered your personalized party boxes, now let's get ready to plan the setup. As you may know, the kit features 77 pieces of decorations! It could seem overwhelming to set up everything in it and that is why our team created a step-by-step video instruction guide for your ease of use.

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Don’t limit yourself thinking you can only use these customized party boxes for a gender reveal party or that these are just baby shower party letter boxes. Your multi-purpose custom letter boxes will set the mood and make great backdrops for your engagement party, bridal shower, your baby’s birthday, and even make excellent props for your prom and graduation photoshoots! You can totally be out of the ordinary by customizing your event with this unique party accessory that would make Pinterest jealous!⭐


Everyone loves a party, but it can be quite challenging to make your event unforgettable. When you add some personalized finishing touches to an already unique party accessory, you can create a celebration that’s distinctly all your own. Custom personalization not only creates a visually dynamic space but one that you and your guests will surely remember for many years to come!

Get inspired with these ideas and use them as a guide for your Personalized Letter Boxes! Are you ready? Let’s begin!🎉


Customize your sturdy party boxes using a combination of the available letters included in the package. It comes with multiple pieces of every letter in the alphabet so you can spell anything out to match your event! You can spell out your name or the reason you are celebrating!

Start personalizing your party with a charming font available in three different colors. Our Letter Pack even includes several symbols and a heart for added flair!💙


Skip the boring party decorations and start adding style to your celebration! Our Personalized Letter Boxes are filled with balloons that can add an undeniably wow factor to make your event stand out and unforgettable.

While your purchase is inclusive of balloons, you can also put in your own to match the color and theme of your event. These balloons are not required to be filled up with helium since they are to be placed inside the boxes. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t be blown too big, too, so it fits safely and nicely in your party boxes.

Other than balloons, you can totally get a little more creative and think of other appealing decors when filling your Personalized Letter Boxes. Here are some ideas of what else you can put inside your party boxes!🎈


Play with how you will creatively present your party boxes! Depending on your venue, you can set up your boxes in different ways.

For indoor celebrations, you can neatly set it up on a counter for center-stage of your event space. When you do this, you have a chance to also decorate the other side of your boxes with more letters so your guests can read something different from another angle!

You can also playfully stack them on top of each other and place them in your photo booth area for a fun set-up where guests can use them as props!

For outdoor events and photoshoots, you can simply lay down your party boxes neatly on the grass, and voila! Make sure to secure the bottom of the boxes with a nice adhesive so it stays put during your entire outdoor event.

It’s also a great idea to have your guests hold the custom party boxes so your event photo area can get a little bit interactive, too! This would definitely help create a memorable experience and a fun vibe for everyone involved!


Our Personalized Letter Boxes come in different colors. If you have purchased different colored party boxes, you have an awesome chance to create a beautiful mix and match arrangement!

Mixing and matching can often be a challenge, especially if you don't know how to choose the right complementary colors; but that’s the great thing about our custom letter boxes! The colors we have are classy and neutral and can be combined with other colors perfectly.

Check out this great mix of white and silver that looks totally chic and stylish!


Glossy items can be quite challenging to photograph because they can create unwanted glare, but there’s a magic trick for beginners! PROPER ANGLES! Slightly adjusting the camera angle can make a big difference in the amount of glare in your photo.

Don’t forget that glare is still necessary to capture the true nature of shiny objects like your gorgeous custom letter boxes!📸


Your Letter Pack doesn’t have an adhesive placed in the back, however, we have included several double-sided glue dots to help attach them to the party boxes. Glue dots can ensure that your letters will stay put all throughout your event.

PRO-TIP: The glue dots that are included bond instantly to most clean, dry surfaces, and can provide a strong grip. So, if you want to reuse the boxes using different letters, make a loop out of a sticky tape that can easily be detached instead.

With proper care, you can reuse these letter design for a party with boxes so you get more value for your money! Simply fold it back and keep it with your other party supplies for your next fun event. It’s that easy and convenient!

Have guests at your gender reveal party fill these out. Look back and treasure their fun answers & advice for years to come. 🥰


The possibilities are endless with your Personalized Letter Boxes! Why settle for something everyone else has when you can customize your event and make it totally Instagrammable, right?

We hope you enjoy whatever celebration you have prepared and we’d be happy to get tagged on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook of your amazing photos so we can feature you, too! Our hashtag is #primepure.