How To Keep Your Guests Entertained At A Gender Reveal Party 2021

How To Keep Your Guests Entertained At A Gender Reveal Party 2021

How To Keep Your Guests Entertained At A Gender Reveal Party 2021

Since the theme of the party is quite mysterious and intriguing, use your guest's suspense as a fuel for party activities! This post uncovers our top ideas for activities at your gender reveal party.

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Old Wives' Tales

There are many old wives' tales out there which claim to predict the gender of the baby. There’s a legend saying that if you’re “carrying low”, you’re having a boy, and if you’re carrying high, then it’s a girl, for example. Read out some of your favorite ones at the party and have a good laugh with your guests while attempting to connect each of them to your case. 👵

Wear Your Guess 👖👗

Prior to the party, invite your guests to wear pink or blue to match the color of their guess. You could later choose to divide the guests into "Team Boy" and "Team Girl" for competitive activities using the stickers provided in your Premium Gender Reveal Kit!

Once the gender has been revealed, ask your guests to write down their hopes, predictions, and advice for your baby, and then seal the notes in a box. This box makes a great gift for your child at his or her 16th birthday. You could also record the messages on camera to play back for your offspring in the future. ⏳

Word Scramble

A baby themed word scramble is another amazing way to keep your guests engaged during the party. 🤓

Prediction And Advice Cards

Have guests at your gender reveal party fill these out. Look back and treasure their fun answers & advice for years to come. 🥰


Do not forget about prizes! Once the gender has been revealed, present the guests who guessed the gender correctly with small gifts. It could be anything from food treats, scented soap, or candles to gift cards for the male crowd.


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